"Marianna Shirinyan's farewell concert as Artist in Residence increased the melancholy in Mozart. Concerto no. 23, where even the worn second movement, misused by films, was with Marianna Shirinyan's unpretentious, lark light playing lifted out of the shadow of the cliché. The melancholy was increased by the thought of it being Marianna Shirinyan's last concert as Artist in Residence with Odense Symphony Orchestra. Marianna Shirinyan has been a delightful acquaintance - technically strong, expressive with a definite flair for telling stories with her playing."
Lene Kryger | Fyens Stiftstidene | 3rd May 2013

Exciting and Enthralling Premiere
"Artist in Residence Marianna Shirinyan premiered Carsten Dahl's piano concerto together with conductor Antonello Manacorda and Odense Symphony Orchestra, and there was tension from the start. Carsten Dahl is known as a jazz musician and one could clearly hear this in the first movement. The main theme was based on a folk song from Marianna Shirinyan's homeland Armenia, which was clearly heard through the changing rhythmical figures and harmonies. One could have wished for more space for the soloist in this concerto, as in the Ravel she played after the intermission. In the second movement there was ample possibility for Marianna Shirinyan to show what a wonderful interpreter she is and she played the piece with an intensity and empathy which enveloped the stage in a peculiar silence."
Martin E. Seymour | Fyens Stiftstidene | 2nd November 2013

Interview in Armenian with Marianna Shirinyan